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Access4all aims at highlighting the facilities and services of accommodations and places of culture, in collaboration with the Municipalities and their stance towards accessibility and inclusion.

Our top priority is to provide reliable information for each destination, found on our list, and thus make your trip arrangement and your entertainment, a simple and easy procedure.

Through our website we give you the necessary information regarding accessibility to accommodations, places of culture and Municipalities, so as to enable you to discover everything you might need, easily and immediately.

With our signature, we guarantee that each commercial institution and organization found on our webpage, has been reviewed so as to meet all the set requirements, concerning accessibility to a place, and their validity assurance.

The fundamental principle regarding accessibility for the disabled in accommodations and places of culture, is the development of the “Access Chain”. This term indicates the linked and unobstructed access to a place, free of any discontinuities.


  • Consulting on persons’ with disabilities accessibility to all types of accommodation and places of culture (museums, galleries, libraries, archeological sites, theaters)
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We offer consulting services about accessibility of accommodations or Cultural spaces, in accordance with the accessibility guide, developed in alignment with PwD Associations. Our team makes available all the necessary information and guidance, so as to familiarize you with the concept of accessibility and your organization’s potentials, after embracing its characteristics.

  • Development of an Access Chain
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How functional can your space become for all social groups? With the right planning it can become very functional and that’s what we do!

  • Architectural Design – Lighting Design
  • Museological Study
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We create exhibitions for everyone, taking advantage of multisensory practices and presenting them in a PwD- friendly manner. Inclusion is always our goal.

  • Designing of educational programs
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We develop educational programs in the areas of the museums for PwD of all ages, always according to museum’s subject. We train Museum-educators in presenting the exhibitions to their audiences, in the most suitable way.

  • Εκπόνηση σχεδίων εκκένωσης, συμπεριλαμβανομένων των ατόμων με αναπηρία, για τη διαχείριση εκτάκτων αναγκών (πυρκαγιά, σεισμός, πλημμύρα, κλπ).
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Detailed building description (escape routes, etc.), use (Accommodation – Museum – Gallery, etc.), division of staff into groups, individualized duties, procedures for PwD.

  • Personnel training on their actions and interventions in cases of immediate building evacuation
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Comprehension of plan and roles, managing PwD, exercises-training.

  • Devising of studies on the accessibility of people with mobility disabilities, in all types of accommodation, museums, archaeological sites, rental housing complexes
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Our qualified team of partners (Civil Engineer, Museologist, Lawyer, Major General of the Hellenic Fire Service specializing in evacuation and building safety- fire safety) prepares the study.

  • Devising of studies on the accessibility of people with visual impairment, in all types of accommodation, museums, archaeological sites, rental housing complexes
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Our experienced team of partners recommend the study.

  • Personnel training on the management and service towards PwD
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The training is executed by our team of qualified partners.