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Our goal

Access4all aims at highlighting provisions and services of accommodations and places of culture, concerning their viewpoints on matters of accessibility and inclusion.

Through our platform, we offer users information about accessibility to accommodations and cultural facilities, and thus empowering them to find out whatever they need, always in an easy and direct manner.

We enable organizations throughout Greece to grow by becoming more accessible to persons with disabilities, in accordance with the existing legal framework in Greece, with the ultimate aspiration of providing the best possible visitor experience.

On our website we set quality ratings. Each assessment is based on features and categories regarding: 

  • Accommodation facilities/ Cultural Facilities/ Services
  • Photos of the places
  • Advisory guidance with the aim of upgrading the services of collaborating organizations 
  • Rating from the users

Our Team

Evelina Dimaresi

Evelina Dimaresi


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website, Access4all, which I designed with love and a sense of responsibility. My team’s vision is to ensure that everyone has access to principal needs and fundamental rights. It is our honor to be part of the effort of the people who trust us! 

We do hope that you find the content of this site interesting and useful, and that, eventually, it motivates you to travel!

I was born and raised in the city of Kalamata. I have studied Childcare for children with disabilities. I have been working as a nursery teacher since 2014, taking part in the daily program of nurseries with learning and entertaining activities, as well as children’s care and supervision. I have attended seminars in child psychology and in Special Education. Moreover, I have volunteered at a Social Support and Training Center for persons with disabilities. In 2023 I created Access4all aspiring at the development of accessibility in Greece.

Vasiliki Zisi

Vasiliki Zisi


An archivist, librarian and museologist with a great passion and motivation for history, cultural heritage conservation and expertise in its management. With a genuine love for the arts, my time is divided between the Cultural Property Management and their promotion. Over the past decade I have professionally taught phonetics and orthophony, and this has provided me with the opportunity to utilize music, sounds and narratives in all aspects of my works. My Master’s Degree in Digital Culture has given me the specialization in New Technologies, so as to have a comprehensive and holistic view of Cultural Management. Trainings on Project Management, such as the one from Women 4IT, have definitely assisted in my career path so far. My aim is the visitor’s optimal experience, either in real or in the digital world, and I firmly believe that we ALL share the same right to access to all cultural goods. 

Andreas Zerkoulis

Andreas Zerkoulis


Andreas has graduated from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Technical University of Athens, and is a co-founder of Inagros IKE, a start-up company contributing to the technological advancement of the agricultural domain. Whilst searching for an intriguing career path, along with his studies, he gained experience from working in companies of various fields (constructional, fashion, education) and participated in voluntary actions in the sector of event-planning and resource-finding. 
Along the way, entrepreneurship won him over. In 2017 he started his business activity with Inagros and since then he has been participating in corporate schemes in the following sectors: Agritech, Pet, Fashion and Envirotech. 
Along the way, entrepreneurship won him over. In 2017 he started his business activity with Inagros and since then he has been participating in corporate schemes in the following sectors: Agritech, Pet, Fashion and Envirotech. 
In 2019 he found himself on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Greece.
Alexandra Mandaraki

Alexandra Mandaraki

Attorney at Law

Alexandra- Maria Mandaraki was born and raised in Athens. She is an Athens-based lawyer specialized in Criminal and Civil law, while at the same time handles cases of Administrative and Commercial law, as well as GDPR.

She has graduated from Athens Law School and has completed her postgraduate studies in Financial Criminal Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with specialization in financial crimes and criminal procedure. Later on, she was concerned with the legislation about the protection of personal data and sensitive personal data, and attended relevant seminars.

She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from the department of Political Sciences and Public Administration of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with a specialty in public administration and Constitutional law.

In her spare time she enjoys visiting museums and places of culture, and her vision includes a world with equal access for everyone, without hindrances and limitations, and absolute application of the national legislation and the European standards.

Fotis Dimaresis

Fotis Dimaresis


Fotis Dimaresis is a Major General of the Hellenic Fire Service specializing in evacuation and building safety- fire safety.

He studied at the Officers’ School of the Hellenic Fire Academy, and at the Training School for Senior and Senior Fire Service Officers, National School of Public Administration - Crisis Management, National Security School, Hellenic Police.

He has been educated in specialized matters of strengthening Fire Service’s superior officers’ operational, executive and administrative competences (fire safety, interrogation, crisis management, personnel management, evacuation of buildings and areas). He has attended specialized trainings for Armed Forces – Security Corps Executives regarding, fire-protection, facility-security, handling of terrorist actions, natural and technological disasters -civil protection – evacuations, coordination of aerial means for extinguishing forest fires (aircrafts – helicopters), Olympic Games 2004, as well as seminars about crisis management, personnel management, public administration, citizen service- civil protection.

He is a hotel manager concerning issues of security, fire safety, evacuation, emergency management, he has prepared an evacuation plan and trains the hotel personnel in Athens. He has contributed on the preparation of an organized evacuation plan on behalf of the Municipality of Hellenicon- Argyroupolis and the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni. He is the Operational Advisor of Civil Protection at the Union for the Protection and Development of Hymettus and 2019-2021 at the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni. He is also a fire- investigation expert at Fair Consulting. 

In Access4all he deals with the study and the evacuation planning of buildings, as well as the staff training.

“Evacuation study, particularly of places hosting numerous visitors on a daily basis, is one of the most prominent safety matters concerning all of us, so as to accomplish moving away from the building safely and be able to assist others, at any emergent situation”.

Marialena Koptsopoulou

Marialena Koptsopoulou

Civil Engineer

Born and raised in Athens, spending her summers at her second home, the beautiful island of Sifnos. From a very young age she dreamt of her career as a Civil Engineer, since she aspired to create constructions serving the needs of the people surrounding her!

In 2017, after having completed her undergraduate studies at the Technical School of the University of Patras, she continued her studies in the Netherlands, and more specifically at Delft University of Technology, pursuing a Master’s degree in Construction Management. 

Alongside her studies, she became involved with language learning. With such supplies, she worked in Tourism industry for almost 2 years, applying her management knowledge and techniques for a hotel. In addition, she delved into the subject of sustainability of tourism development. Her experience gained on this sector, showed her the significance of developing places of interest, aiming at the unobstructed access to tourism and culture for all of us.

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