Our company is committed to complying with legal requirements for the collection, processing, and management of your personal data, respecting your privacy as a top priority and in accordance with European and domestic legislative provisions. Please read this privacy policy to fully inform yourself about the terms of the overall processing of your data during your navigation on our website. Your consent allows us to process the personal and sensitive personal data referred to in the privacy policy.

Your consent to the use of cookies, according to this policy, during your first visit to our website, allows us to use cookies every time you visit the respective online site.

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The term 'Personal Data' refers to information about individuals, such as full name, postal address, email address, contact phone, etc., which identifies or can identify their identity. In general, it is personal information concerning an identified or identifiable person.

The term 'Sensitive Personal Data' refers to information concerning racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, participation in associations, organizations, and trade unions, health (health data, genetic data, biometric data), social welfare, and personal life or sexual orientation, as well as information related to criminal prosecutions or convictions. 

These definitions come from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Regulation for the protection of personal data in the European Union, as well as other national and European legislation.



We want to assure you that we process your personal and sensitive personal data only to the necessary extent to secure the effective provision of our services, while ensuring maximum security in their retention. The collection of sensitive personal data is mainly for fitting our services to each individual's specific needs, with the ultimate goal of your optimal satisfaction. Your sensitive information cannot be utilized to achieve the purposes of our company without your explicit consent. The lack of consent results in the inability to receive services from our company.

The kinds of data we may retain could include email address, residential address, mobile phone number, full name, age, date of birth, gender, health data, location, and payment information.

It is possible that the processing of certain personal data may occur solely through your visit and browsing on our website, without prior communication with our company and the provision of further personal information. This processing is conducted for technical reasons, such as the collection of statistical data and conduction of research for the company’s development and the continuous improvement of our website. We use a complete and irrevocable anonymization system, fully compliant with the European GDPR regulation. Anonymization is a process that makes it impossible to identify the individual with their personal data, ensuring your anonymity. Specifically, in addition to the above, we store the IP address, the date of your website visit, and its duration, the websites you browse on the internet, as well as the type of browser.

More specifically, we collect data for the following purposes:

  • Communication (via email and phone number), with your consent or the filling of our contact form
  • Effective and Complete provision of our services to our visitors and partners, individualized and tailored to their needs.
  • Acceptance of complaints and specific requests.
  • Conducting statistics based on anonymous user data of our services.
  • Subscription to promotional actions or newsletter.
  • Ensuring your security in case of violation of our informational systems, in which your data is stored.
  • In case of legal obligation arising from a legal provision or an Authority’s order. 
  • Defense of our company’s interests in case it needs to respond to a specific claim.



   Cookies are data files containing a series of information transferred from the website to the web browser program found on your computer's hard drive, either temporarily (for the duration of your visit to our website) or for a longer period, depending on the cookie type. Cookies are used by various companies, including ours, in order to improve your user’s experience. Each cookie is unique, it has the name of the domain from which it originated, specifying a maximum lifespan, and a value consisting of a random unique number


Visit or temporary cookies: These are cookies collected during your browsing on our website, kept temporarily, and permanently deleted once you close the web browser program 

Permanent cookies: They remain stored in your browser's cookie file even after you exit the browsing program and until their predetermined lifespan expires.

First-party cookies: These are cookies set by the owner of the website. This means they are installed on your hard drive as you navigate through our company's website. This creates a unique cookie number for you, resulting in the collection of browsing information with the ultimate goal of improving your visit to our website.

Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies come from third parties and not from our company. Our administrator does not have control over these cookies. They include:

Google Analytics cookies: Google's cookies provide us with information about your use of our website, offering anonymous data on visitation, duration of visits, and the way you use our website. This information is collected and stored in Google's files under their terms and conditions. You have the option to refuse the use of cookies by Google through your browser settings. If you disable Google's cookies, we won't be able to use your anonymous information for statistical research.

Cookies from social networks: Social networks have the ability to place cookies if you click on the 'share' function. 



This privacy policy complies with all applicable legislation for personal data, current laws, the general provisions of the Civil Code, and the European GDPR Regulation regarding the deadlines for retaining your data. There is a limited retention period and further use of your personal data for the purposes of our company. 

Specifically, your personal data is retained in our information systems for a period of 5 years, and after this deadline, they are permanently deleted or anonymized.

For the sensitive personal data you share with our Company, we provide a shorter retention period, fully aligned with the legislative requirements for sensitive personal data. The maximum retention period for sensitive information is one year, and after this timeframe, we guarantee the complete and irrevocable deletion of your data or their anonymization, according to the aforementioned conditions. Our company will not delete your data only in cases where there is a legal basis for their retention. If this happens, you will receive relevant notification.



Your data is stored in a file accessible only to the absolutely necessary personnel of our Company, which is bound by prior commitment to confidentiality and secrecy. Your data is transferred to collaborating companies and third-party providers who will provide you with the agreed-upon services as service providers. These companies have previously committed through a contract that includes clauses of confidentiality and the obligation to configure a data security system for your information. In addition, we foresee the transfer of your data to specialized external providers who undertake the processing of information for the above purposes of the company, specifically for conducting statistical research. Data transfers are made exclusively to entities within the European Union, subject to strict European legislation and the aforementioned clauses.

The transfer outside the European Economic Area is generally not allowed. However, in case there is a need for their transfer outside the European Union, we will ensure beforehand that the third country has committed to adhering to the guarantees for the protection of personal data, as stipulated by the European GDPR regulation and the European directive, and you will receive immediate relevant information.


RIGHT TO INFORMATION: You have the immediate right to request and we have the corresponding obligation to provide you with clear, complete, understandable, and accurate information about how we process and collect your personal and sensitive personal data.

RIGHT TO ACCESS: You have the right, and we are obliged, to make your data accessible to you. 

RIGHT TO RECTIFICATION: We provide the opportunity to correct or explain your data if they contain errors, are untrue, or include inaccuracies by submitting a relevant request explaining the mistake or inaccuracy.

RIGHT TO ERASURE OR RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN: We grant you the right to request the deletion of your data if they are not necessary for the purposes of our company. Additionally, you can revoke your consent, and therefore, if consent constitutes the only legal basis for data retention, the data must be deleted completely and irrevocably.

RIGHT TO PORTABILITY: You have the ability to request an electronic copy of your personal data that we hold in a readable format or request their transfer to another data controller.

RIGHT TO OBJECT OR WITHDRAWAL OF CONSENT TO DATA PROCESSING: You can object to the processing of your data by our company if there is no legal reason that overrides your right. If we accept your request, we will have the ability to retain and store your personal data, but the right to process them further will be excluded.



  Our company provides cooperating companies and service providers with only the absolutely necessary information to fulfill their obligation to provide services. Their processing is allowed only for the purposes specified in the contract with the third party. In case of termination of the contract with the cooperating company, the latter is obliged to refrain from any processing of your information and to proceed with its immediate deletion or anonymization. At the same time, contracting companies are required to comply with personal data protection legislation and not to transfer your data to third parties without our prior consent.



In case that you are redirected to third-party websites through our website, our company is not responsible for any collection and processing of your personal data by that website since we have no ability to intervene in a foreign website. Please be advised that when you are redirected to third-party websites through links on our website, you should check the privacy policy of that specific website.



Our company takes all necessary measures to protect your personal and sensitive data, aiming to prevent any incidents of data breaches or unauthorized use of your data by third parties. However, in the event of a data breach, we guarantee our immediate intervention and compliance with the legal procedures for managing the breach. 



This privacy policy is subject to changes based on possible modifications in European and Greek legislation regarding purely personal and sensitive personal data. Therefore, we encourage you to regularly refer to our company's privacy policy to stay informed about any changes in the legal framework for personal data protection.