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Why choose us?

Access4all aims at highlighting provisions and services of accommodations and places of culture, concerning their viewpoints on matters of accessibility and inclusion.

Our top priority is to provide reliable information for each destination, found on our list, and thus make your trip arrangement and your entertainment, a simple and easy procedure. 

What do you know about the percentage of organizations visited by people with disabilities? 

PwD comprise 10% of the Greek population. We believe that we should concern ourselves with that.

In Access4all we help you navigate change and become a truly durable entity, aiming at inclusion and providing the visitor with a unique experience.

Do you work at a place of culture, namely a museum, a library, an archaeological site or a theater? Do you work at any accommodation facility and you are eager to meet a way to create an Access Chain for people with disabilities?
Our company cooperates with private individuals, Municipalities and Public bodies.

Why work with us?

We will assist you open a way to the accessibility of your space.

In an era in which development is the central prerequisite for achieving a company’s goals, we help you navigate yourselves on the world of accessibility in steady steps, acknowledging your choices and combining various perspectives, so as to lead your business to the right direction, without aimless or hazardous for your visitors’ actions.  

TOGETHER we can create something beautiful! Let’s do it!!


Cooperation with Access4all

Cooperation with Access4all

Our vision is to initially create a network of partners in Greece.

In order to work with us, you are expected to meet the necessary requirements at least at 1 out of our 3 categories. These are persons with mobility disabilities, people with visual impairment and people with deafness or hard of hearing.

Access4all Certification

Access4all Certification

Access4all is next to every business or organization, by providing counseling guidance, aiming at their spaces’ accessibility.

Our team is able to certify every business or organization meeting the requirements.



  • Highlighting and promotion of accommodations and places of culture
  • Certification
  • Recognition
  • Counseling guidance to hotels and places of culture that desire to upgrade their facilities and services into becoming more accessible for PwD.
  • Potential preparation and execution of projects entirely by our qualified team of partners. (Planning, Study, Execution)

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