Opening of the Tourist Season 2024: Discussion with the President of the Regional Association of the Blind of Crete, Mr. Menelaos Markodimitrakis

How would you rate the accessibility of the accommodation you have stayed in during your travels in Greece? (answer without naming the place or company)

I would describe it as a METRIA. There is a lot of room for improvement.


What improvements would you like to see in accommodation to make it more accessible for people with disabilities?

Marking of stairs, easy-to-read lift buttons, audio instructions, serving breakfast individually and not in a buffet, as it is quite difficult for a blind person.


How do you assess the accessibility of cultural sites such as museums, archaeological sites or theatres in Greece?

In general I would describe it as good, but I would like there to be an audio and tactile tour of everything.


Was there any experience in Greece that made you feel particularly welcome as a person with a disability? (answer without naming the place or company)

Yes. In some coastal part of Epirus, there was a guideway for the blind and wide sidewalks without any obstacles.α


What would you suggest a person with a disability do to prepare for their holiday?

To be informed about the accessibility of the accommodation in which they will stay and the accessibility of the public areas of the area.


Can you think of any areas you have visited that you consider accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, of course. That's Rethymno and Preveza.


Would you suggest that people with disabilities choose your place for their holidays this summer? And if so, why?

Yes, I would encourage them to visit Crete, after doing some research on the accessibility of the accommodation, public areas and the attractions of the area they are going to visit. For example, I would urge them to visit the Sphendoni Cave in Zoniana, as I believe it is accessible to all disabilities and the town of Rethymnon.

What would be the message you would like to pass on through Access4all to people in Culture and Tourism?

By building accessible accommodation spaces for cultural services and public spaces, they will increase the quality of their accommodation and at the same time expand their clientele.


President of the Regional Union of the Blind of Crete

Markodimitrakis Menelaos